Between wor(L)ds


Between wor(L)ds pretende relacionar no espaço e no tempo duas perspectivas diferentes de expressão. Por um lado o desenho carregado e expressivo da minha primeira viagem à India em 2003/2004, e por outro lado, a poesia mais amadurecida e espiritual escrita na segunda viagem, em 2013. Procura interligar de forma paradoxal, duas visões/expressões/estados de alma, separadas(os) na experiência consciencializada do espaço tempo, aqui expressas(os) neste livro, que mostro aqui apenas num excerto.

Creative poet in love
the principle unity
patience joy
this mistery of life
rising from the sleeper sound
of the performance beauty
laid to rest
in the hearth of faith.

Mutability through expression
the reality of emancipation
living the nature of colours
in a rhythmic ideal
of sleep harmony
of everlasting life.

Pleasure through perpetual truth
flowering emotions of paradise
the evening body
passing between the soul of immensity.

Creation in life
acknowledge imagination activity
the dreams floating with joy
perpetual harmony of clouds
expression faith
the vision sense
the infinite change
to reveal absolute unity.

My hearth of ecstasy night
as the subject of everlasting peace
attempts its significance through
unconscious symphony
the union of desire
purity in simpathy
in the tempest philosophy of nature.

This spirit over again
generalize between individuals
passion is living young
in our mind
present devoted
to inculcate and break
any real sign for the revelation.

The earth birth place
memory of freedom
seats his humanity
speaking equilibrium
in the wilderness of love.

The modern understanding time
preach absolute infection
unconsciously primitive alienation
in the beginning of the immense university.

‘Between wor(L)ds’ Poetry book by Filipe Garcia Inspire in the wor(L)ds*** Rabindranath Tagore Selected Essays Published by Rupa Publications India ISBN: 978-81-291-0391-8 Rabrindanat Tagore University