‘P’almas – a triology between earth and sky’


According to the J. Krishnamurti the right education helps us to discover our reality.

Vasanta College for the women was first established by the Dr. Annie Besant in 1913 within the campus of Theosophical Society (a pioneer institution) having aim of offering the advanced education to the woman. In 1954 Vasanta College was moved to the campus of Krishnamurti Foundation India (an international foundation operating the many educational institutions in various parts of India and abroad), Rajghat. Krishnamurti Foundation India was established by the foster son of Dr. Annie Besant, the Shri J Krishnamurti. The past Trustees of the college are Shri Achyut Patwardhan, Shri M B L Dar, Shri Iqbal Narayan Gurtu, and Shri R R Upasani.

P’almas – a trilogy betwenn earth and sky Performance by Filipe Garcia at Vasanta College for Women | Campus of Krishnamurti Foundation | Rajghat Fort, Varanasi India  Vasanta College