‘Quantic landscapes – terra firma’



‘Quantic landscapes – (terra firma)’
Waves Across Hyderabad
Curatorship Sreenivas Rao

This pictorial process is drawn by the possibility of a landscape in a seemingly abstract content and seeks to bring to reflection the particular issue of creative or face-to-face observation that is triggered during the intuitive act of the performance of the action.What is the frontier that unleashes reality and which is its antagonistic that deconstructs it, how does this association process take place?

The perspective of the place in the abstraction as landscape is a subjective natural event when the expression that bases it is intuitive, nevertheless exists the other side that refers the objective methodological work or part of it to the torture side of the instinctive paradigmatic representation.
Here the drawing is punctual and expresses a possibility of landscape in small perceptions, observation of the abstract that is inserted in the second dimension, the line.
‘Terra Firma’ is beyond the line of perception is in the plain of singularity and conscious divinity.

Material: Work 1, 2, 3, 4 (quantic landscapes) – A5, acrylic on paper tape. Work 5 (terra firma) – Pencils and other materials on lokta paper.2018.




“A wave is an oscillation accompanied by a transfer of energy. Wave motion transfers energy from one point to another and the WAVES ACROSS is formed to create Art Waves across the world”.
The “Waves Across” proposes to hold its maiden venture by showcasing the works of artists (painters, sculptors and new media) from Cyprus,India, Iran, Portugal, United States of America,Ukrain and other parts of the world.
Art exhibition commences at the State Gallery of Art, Madapur, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, April 2018.

Waves Across – International Group Art Exhibition
‘Quantic land scapes – terra firma’ by Filipe Garcia
Telangana; Hyderabad India IN

International Group Art Exhibition is an event that took place between 13-Apr-2018 and 17-Apr-2018 in Hyderabad.